The Painting is Complete

One more step is completed in the renovations in my basement. All walls have now been primed and painted. My next step is to prime the woodwork so that I am able to paint it white. The painting of the basement was a little more work than I thought. It took two coats of primer […]

Tips and Tricks for Painting and Priming

So I have finished building the partition wall in my basement and it is time to start painting and priming. This step of the renovation, although I do not mind painting, can be quite messy and can be quite tedious. I have painted every room in my house, but I am not a professional by […]

Basement Renovation Photo Gallery

Below are some of the images taken during our current basement renovation. It definitely has been a learning experience. I have had to recall my high school geometry from almost 35 years ago! As I showed in my previous post, there was going to be a lot of work to do. The wall is now […]